John Waters’s 1995 camp-soaked satire Serial Mom (1994) asks the question: How far will a mother go to protect her children? And Beverly Sutphin’s answer is: however far she needs to. Whether it’s avenging the love interest of her forlorn daughter (played by Ricki Lake) or wreaking havoc in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood, Beverly (Kathleen Turner) casts a gloomy shadow on the sunny veneer of domesticity. Motherhood is juxtaposed with homicide, overprotection with psychosis. But like many a John Waters film, these undertones are shrouded in double entendres and irony. When her son asks if she’s really a serial killer, she blithely replies, “Chip, the only cereal I know anything about is Rice Krispies!”

Sat., May 11, 12:15 a.m., 2013

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