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Cinderella Star On Not Having To Compete With The Matilda Girls


Laura Osnes is very good in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, and as a result, she’s one of the frontrunners for the Tony Award for best actress in a musical.

One of the other frontrunners (or four of them, actually) would have been the girls who star in Matilda, alternating in the role. But in a stroke of luck for the other nominees, the Matilda girls were taken out of the running and will be given a special honor instead.

At a Drama Desk nominees’ reception at Essex House yesterday, I asked Osnes how she feels about not having to compete with those four pint-sized powerhouses.

“I am grateful,” she smiled.

But then she added, “I feel so sad that Lilla Crawford (the little star of Annie) didn’t get nominated.

“She’s doing eight shows a week and has to carry the whole show!”

Here’s where Joan Crawford–the original Miss Hannigan, in a way– should step in and say, “Whoever said life was fair, Lilla?”