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Old Jews Star Tells Me Village People Movie Dish


How’s that for a grabber?

Let me explain. The hilarious Marilyn Sokol is one of the stars of Old Jews Telling Jokes, the breezily funny revue, which was honored with a Drama Desk nomination.

At a Drama Desk event yesterday, I asked Marilyn about having appeared in the infamous Village People film musical Can’t Stop The Music in 1980.

Is the film underrated?

“I don’t care!” Sokol replied. “It’s not a work of art. It’s sort of like a wonderful dessert–like a strawberry fruitcake.” It’s fruity all right. “Sometimes I like looking at it,” Sokol went on, “because I was so thin. But I didn’t know I was in the throes of a clinical depression, which is why I was thin!”

While we were talking disco cinema, did the credited Nancy Walker really direct the thump-thump classic?

“No,” Sokol replied. “The cinematographer did. I went out with Bruce Jenner [who was also in the movie]. He had a Porsche. Very nice. He used to lift me up like a little sister. That was before his nose job.”

And so much else!

Anyway, Marilyn told me one of the new jokes from Old Jews and it had to do with a woman screwing the mailman and giving him a dollar. She did this because when she and her husband were talking about who to give Christmas tips to, hubby said, “Screw the mailman! Give him a dollar!”

And by the way, Sokol didn’t give Jenner a dollar. I asked.