The Top Five Come-Ons On Manhunt


Manhunt is the site where gay guys look for other gay guys to do dirty gay things with.

And there are certain subject headers there that are more popular than others.

In New York’s state, “F**k me hard” is not surprisingly used a lot, but perhaps surprisingly it’s only number five on the list of the most popular headlines.

The fourth most used header is “couple looking for fun.”

Number three is “Name says it all”.

The first runner up is a watered down version of number four: Namely “Looking for fun”.

And the wiener?

Well, the top subject header on Manhunt for New York State happens to be…

“Hey guys.”

I guess you can never go wrong underestimating the banality of the American public, even when they’re horny. They may leave out a comma, but they don’t omit their cliched icebreakers.

By the way, certain states have slightly different winners. For example in Connecticut, #1 is the much more specific “Looking for a top.”

Well, that is where Kathie Lee lives.