It’s Confirmed: NYC’s Bike Share Program Will Start On Memorial Day


We remember when it was supposed to be July 2012. Then we heard maybe it’d be March 2013. That didn’t happen. Then the Department of Transportation released a map of where the 293 stations would be built. And we heard it would be some time in May. So we were kinda/sorta convinced: New York City’s bike share program – the largest of its kind – would become a reality in our lifetime.

Now, we have ourselves an official release date: Memorial Day.

We checked our calendars: that’s only three weeks from now. The three-day weekend just got that much more cherish-able.

On that day, thousands of CitiBikes will be rolled out onto the streets, occupying the empty stations that have already been spotted all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. And it looks like the Tourists Gone Wild criticism isn’t stopping anyone: according to a DOT press release yesterday, eight thousand people have already signed up to flex their pedals come Memorial Day. Good luck getting to the barbecue.

But, seriously, the bike share program is real now. Ride accordingly.