Monday: Our 10 Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, Queens


This do-it-yourself cold rice noodle dish from Ayada provides you with pickled mustard greens, sprouts, fried pig skin, dried chiles, and an incendiary soup for pouring and dipping. It’s great, but will it be great enough to catapult the restaurant into our top 10 for the neighborhood?

As one of five Chinatowns in NYC, Elmhurst is perhaps the most diverse, with not only Cantonese, Hong Kong, Sichuan, Taiwanese, and Mandarin hot-pot places, but with all sorts of other Asian restaurants, too, including Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean. But that’s not all. The region also boasts plenty of Southern Mexican places, as well as Argentine, Colombian, and Dominican cafes. We’ve spent the last three weeks eating our way through the neighborhood to make sure our list is solid, but don’t hesitate to throw in your two cents if you disagree with our ranking.

So please tune in bright and early Monday morning for Our 10 Best Restaurants in Elmhurst, Queens.