Barbara Walters Misquotes Cabaret On Retiring


TV legend Barbara Walters will no longer be on view–or on The View–as of next summer, when she’s stepping down from her longtime perch as TV’s reigning quizzer.

And she means it.

Walters told the Times: “I keep thinking of the line from Cabaret. ‘When I go, I’m going like Chelsea’.”

There are just a few problems with that citation, Barbara. First of all, the line is really “When I go, I’m going like Elsie.” (Unless Barbara was changing it to mean Hillary’s daughter–or the neighborhood Elsie lives in.)

Secondly, the line refers to a drug-taking free spirit and party girl who’s the polar opposite of Barbara Walters. “Going like Elsie,” has become such an expression of reckless hedonism that when Liza sings it these days, she specifies “I’m not going like Elsie.”

But I know what Barbara meant. That she’s really stepping down, with no mini comebacks or extra little excursions back into the spotlight.

And we respect her for it. I always secretly wanted to be one of the people who Barbara made cry–and now I just might become that!