How Not to Write About the Women of Star Trek


Isn’t 2013 a little late to be publishing myopic “women who rock!” pieces? This Daily News gem, for example, showed us exactly how absurd it is to write about how much Star Trek values its complex female characters, then undermine those very points with a photo and caption that screams, “HEY, TITS.”

Here are some brief tips for those who want to write about the entertainment industry embracing feminism going forward:

1. Got a terrible pun you’re itching to use? Don’t. Using the word “veritable” does not legitimize “Babe-fleet academy.” Nor will it ever.

EX: “Specifically, Zoe Saldana and Alice Eve make this second entry in the rebooted sci-fi franchise a veritable Babe-fleet academy.”

2. If you’re trying to prove that Star Trek‘s female characters aren’t just ample-breasted space sex objects, avoid pictures and captions that contradict that stance.


3. Avoid sentences like that, too.

EX: “Eve, 31, does treat fanboys to one delicious moment: a brief glimpse of underwear while Marcus quickly changes into a spacesuit.”

Really, though, you probably shouldn’t write “women who rock!” pieces if a primary reason you’re consuming the media you critique is boobs. Just saying.