Bernard Kerik, Disgraced Former Police Commissioner, is Getting Out of Prison in Two Weeks!


After three years, Bernie’s coming back.

Yes, folks, Bernard Kerik, jails commissioner, police commissioner, alleged adulterer, aborted Homeland Security secretary, tax fraudster and perjurer will emerge from federal prison in two weeks and finish out his four year sentence in a New Jersey halfway house, the Post’s Cindy Adams tells us.

And at some point in the near future, Rudy Giuliani’s former best pal will begin the second? Third? Fourth? act of his interesting life.

But what sort of act will it be? Will he take to the airwaves with gusto a la Iran-Contra Scandal villain Oliver North, and become an industry unto himself? North has been a radio and TV host, a conservative commentator, an author of nonfiction and fiction, and he’s even got three U.S. patents.

Until then, we can calm ourselves by reading reading Kerik’s very own thoughts about things in the news on his blog:

On teen crushes on the surviving Boston bomber: “According to published reports, thousands of American teenage girls are “crushing” over the 19 year old Boston terrorist bomber, Dzhokhar (Jahar) Tsarnaev, and leading a social media movement to exonerate him.
As a parent, I cannot think of anything more sad, disappointing and disgusting.
What parent in their right mind would allow their children to make such sickening and insensitive comments, considering this sick and deranged terrorist, killed three people, and injured more than 200, including 13 that lost limbs?”

On Black Liberation Army member Joanne Chesimard finally making the FBI’s Most Wanted list for her role in the 1973 murder of a New Jersey state trooper: “For the New Jersey State Police, and those that remember the murder, and her escape, I suppose making that list today, is better late than never. As for the $2 million reward, I know plenty of volunteers that would be more than glad to grab her, and bring her back where she belongs… reward or not!”

On a dog he worked with in the army: “He was a stunning black and tan German Shepherd, and he looked just like Rin Tin Tin, another German Shepherd with U.S. Army roots.”

One question: will he have to testify in former jails prober Michael Caruso’s lawsuit against the city? One can only hope!