FDNY Rescues NYPD Rescuing Cat, Publishes Photos of the Actually Dangerous Shit They Do


We guess this is what you call bragging rights. On Monday, the fire department was called in to save an NYPD officer who got stuck in a tree while trying to rescue a cat in Queens. The firefighters laughed at the cop, and saved the cat first, but also published photos of their rescue paramedic teams training for crazy situations (i.e. not cats) on Randalls Island the same day.

Those situations include “collapse rescue, confined space rescue, combined trench and high angle procedures, crush medicine and advanced Haz-Mat training.” So in addition to the NYPD and cats, the FDNY can also save people while hanging out of a flaming third story window. In your face. Check out the rest of the photos here.

Inside Look: FDNY Rescue Paramedics
Inside Look: FDNY Rescue Paramedics