Weird Glitch on Moviefone


A friend and I wanted to catch up with 42, the well received Jackie Robinson movie I’d missed the screening of.

I called Moviefone and entered the first three letters of the movie title: F-O-R.

But 42 didn’t come up. What did pop up was a head-spinningly bizarre assortment of films, which surely can’t still be playing anymore (and in the case of some of them, I’m not sure they ever did). The voice of Moviefone listed:

This is 40


Forces of Nature 2004

Forrest Gump

Forbidden Planet

Foreign Film with Shelly Isaacs

Forever Hollywood 1999.

HUH????? In a panic, I thought of just wandering the streets and looking for a theater showing the film I wanted, but instead I called back, got into their list of the current top 10, then pressed “1” on 42. Bingo–after 10 whole minutes of weirdness starting with my first call, I got my treasured info.

But Forrest Gump????