Oscar winners! Rock Legends! Michael Jackson’s Sperm Donor! All In One Room!


Well, one Oscar winner (Patty Duke) plus plenty of offbeat, appreciated stars of every medium there is, all converging at the Chiller Theatre autograph show out in Parsippany.

It happened, and I was there, greeting them all for this week’s column.

You’ll read what Patty Duke says Neely O’Hara would be doing if alive today–i.e., what type of reality show.

What Todd Bridges says about his sobriety.

What Mark Lester told me about being Michael Jackson’s sperm donor. (“Beat it, beat it, beat it….”)

Als included are my talks with Barry Bostwick, Tia Carrere, Debbie Gibson, and Jay North, plus glimpses at Lorenzo Lamas and Antonio Sabato Jr.

Trust me, we’re talking stars.