The Sickest Remarks Being Made About Angelina’s Double Mastectomy


Yesterday, Angelina Jolie revealed that she’d had a double mastectomy as a preventive measure against a family history of breast cancer, amidst worldwide kudos and admiration.

But on Facebook and other places, some were not convinced.

“Her breasts were sagging,” said one ex “friend” of mine, “so she simply had them lifted. By lying and spinning it as a mastectomy, she is now above criticism or ridicule.”

Oy! That’s taking conspiracy theories to all new lows, don’t you think? It’s bringing healthy cynicism to incredibly unhealthy levels. Does anyone really think that if this were just a case of a breast lift, it would be so potentially scandalous that someone would have to invent an incredibly extreme medical alibi for it? Especially Angelina, who’s not exactly known to be a liar or evader

The woman has always been a strong individual who’s stood up for herself and her beliefs, and in my extremely educated opinion this is just another instance of that.

The people trying to denigrate her decision as just another act of Hollywood narcissism obviously have no balls/ovaries.

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