Union Square is Getting a Massive Wi-Fi Expansion in June


The good people at the Union Square Partnership are bringing Wi-Fi to the masses. Well, at least they’re expanding Union Square’s Wi-Fi, which currently only serves a meager 250 people. By mid-June, though, 3,000 people in and around Union Square Park will be able to hook up to the Internet for free.

According to Jennifer Falk, executive director at the Union Square Partnership, increased use of iPhones and the like put pressure on the network they set up in 2008. So, USP contracted with Sky-Packets, which partners with the Bryant Park Restoration Group, to revamp the system. Sponsored by Beth Israel Medical Center, USP will be adding new technology to two existing antennae at the north and south ends of the park, as well as adding a third antenna at 18th and Broadway.

“This will be a 1,001 percent increase over the old system,” Falk said.

People eating at outdoor cafes around the square should be able to log onto “USP Park Wifi,” too. The only downside we can think of is faster video upload times for Union Square’s notorious peeper population. Dammit.