GoogaMooga Countdown: Watch Northern Spy Food Co. and Landhaus Prep on Food.Curated


With GoogaMooga just a day away, we’re savoring the videos Food.Curated created to preview what some of the participating restaurants will bring to this weekend’s food festival in Prospect Park.

The whole series is worth a watch, though we’re partial to the above video, in which chef Hadley Schmitt from East Village kale haven Northern Spy Food Co. demonstrates the Egg Begley Jr. sandwich. Fun fact: he says his team expects to make 3,500 of these yolk-spilling bites at the event.

We also enjoy this glimpse of Landhaus, which will offer up bacon on a stick this weekend. Here, founder Matthew Lief cooks up a whole slab of fat-laced pork belly before removing the skin, skewering the roasted and grilled bacon and adding a drizzle of maple syrup. Incidentally, that’s exactly the kind of work with pig that earned the Brooklyn-based sandwich shop our Best Bacon award back in 2011

Hungry for more? Check out our compilation of review excerpts of other GoogaMooga participants and let us know where you plan to spend your cash and time in line.