James Franco Used To Get Mad At Girls For Getting Fingered By Other Boys


James Franco the film star also turns out to be a pretty good film critic, suggesting that the old adage should be amended to “Those who can, teach.”

For Vice, Franco took a look at The Great Gatsby and decided it was an engaging adaptation and he didn’t even mind the 3D. That’s good because a major film star writing a pissy review of someone else’s film would come of like sour grapes, which as you know tend to make for very flat champagne.

But here’s the really interesting part. In discussing the plot developments, Franco writes:

“Gatsby’s desire is revealed to be that of a 16-year-old boy; not only does he want to win Daisy, he wants to control her affections. It reminds me of my high school relationships, where I tortured girlfriends for getting fingered by other boys when they were freshmen. Just move on, dude.”

My own remembrances are so very different. I was thrilled when girls got fingered by other boys.