Star Trek’s Zach Quinto On Why He Came Out And How It Affected His Career


The guy behind the Vulcan ears has a whole other mission and it’s to save lives in reality, right here on earth.

Star Trek Into Darkness‘s Zachary Quinto says he came out in 2011 in response to a rash of teen gay suicides that were happening at the time.

“I felt it incumbent upon me to do something about that if it was in my power, which it was,” explains Quinto.

“So for me that was a very specific and emotional time. I felt very grateful for the response that generated and the work on behalf of the LGBT community it has allowed me to do subsequently.”

Bravo, Spock! Oh, and get this. Asked if he feels coming out has hindered his career in any way, Quinto says, “Not one bit.”

Ooh. Makes you want to say “Beam me out.”