Casa Mezcal Offers Screamin’ Brunch Deal


While we’re fans of lazy gluttony and daytime drinking here at Fork in the Road, we sometimes have a hard time getting super stoked about weekend brunch, mostly because we’re uninspired by fighting a riled up crowd eager to cure its collective hangover, only to sit down to mediocre eggs and bacon and drop a sum of money we normally associate with dinner pricing.

But we’ll gladly roll out of bed for the deal at Casa Mezcal, the Mexican joint down on the Lower East Side. The dark, cavernous spot is frequently busy during evening hours — when you can taste grasshoppers in a couple of dishes on the menu — but it has a mellower vibe on weekend mornings (or early afternoons).

We find that remarkable because every item on the brunch menu– a list of a dozen or so items that includes chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and enchiladas — is priced at $13…and comes sided with not only rice and beans but also a free mimosa or michelada made with your choice of Mexican beer.

It may not get you drunk, but it’ll certainly take the edge off of the after-effects of whatever you did the night before.