Gay Nightlife Wars Heat Up


XL–the gay dance club that’s attached to the Out NYC hotel–has gone through some changes this year, including the letting go of co-owners John Blair and Beto Sutter, who resurfaced with a hit party at Stage 48 on Saturdays, thereby giving them heavy competition.

The contest has gotten fierce, so XL keeps upping the ante and changing their slate,which is either wonderfully invigorating or terribly confusing, depending on your point of view. On certain nights they’re just plain closed, but on others, they’ve got tons of s**t going on. On Sundays they’ve instituted a Strip ‘N Grind party “featuring over 30 dancers, lap dancers, pole dancers, champagne rooms, live erotic acts and burlesque.”

Thanks to the talent alone, the place will always look crowded

I hear they’ve been considering maybe possibly doing a straight (or mixed) party on one of the other nights, like Friday. And that’s sick! Kidding. Straights are people too–though they’d probably have to change the adjoining structure’s name to the IN NYC Hotel.

Furthermore, tonight they’re opening the Rosebud Lounge, which is XL’s front part after having been redone and sectioned off for a separate admission. (UPDATE: The opening has been postponed.)

You can’t fault these people for trying.

In other nightlife news, Swiss miss Susanne Bartsch-who does Tuesdays with Joey Arias at the Soho Grand–will resume her Tuesday night Le Bain parties on June 4. (Hopefully there will be a disco bus from West Broadway to the Standard. If not, just run). And Paper‘s Mickey Boardman is going to be one of the hosts.

Between that and the pole dancers, it’s going to be a very busy summer.