Go Goa Gone Goes Home Unhappy


Most jokes don’t translate very well in Go Goa Gone, a Bollywood horror comedy influenced by Shaun of the Dead. The creators clearly like Edgar Wright’s galvanizing pastiche, but only vaguely know what kind of story they want to tell—and not at all how to tell it. The film starts out as a romantic comedy starring a trio of emotionally stunted bros: Hardik (Kunal Khemu), the over-confident horny one; Luv (Vir Das), the sad-sack nice guy; and Bunny (Anand Tiwari), the painfully shy nerd nobody cares about. On a mission to score, these three dudes travel to a remote island just off of Goa, and are subsequently attacked by zombies at an underground rave hosted by the Russian mafia. The manchildren get pitted against unyielding (but solicitous!) women and zombies, but both types of monsters are dull foils. Female characters are either walking punchlines, like the lady zombies who get impaled by phallic umbrellas and keeping coming, or super-humanly patient eye candy, like Luna (Pooja Gupta), the girl Luv inevitably learns to respect as a friend, not a walking rebound. It’s consequently too easy for Go Goa Gone‘s arrested adolescent protagonists to man up: They’re too scared of the flesh-eaters (both female and male) to concentrate on pursuing girls, and they only survive because the film’s zombies are as imposing as a slap bracelet. No lessons are learned, and everyone goes home unhappy.