Jane Lynch Loves Playing Ruthless Characters


And that’s good because she gets to play them a lot. She’s brill as the rotten cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on Glee. And in Broadway’s Annie revival, she’s just stepped into the part of the sour orphanage lady Miss Hannigan, the one whose driven crazy by “Little Girls” and all their cute hairdos and frisky antics.

And Lynch has a point of view about this kind of role-playing.

She tells Manhattan magazine:

“I think what I love about playing ruthless characters is that they’re so open with their hostility.

“Nobody is safe from it–even an adorable, curly-red-haired orphan.

“It’s the same thing with Sue Sylvester. Those really sweet, vulnerable high school-aged girls, she’s just awful to them.

“I’m always fascinated with extremes as personalities–not that I want to live with one, but I love playing them.”

Lynch herself isn’t a traditional maternal type, mind you. She admits she likes helpless babies and puppies more than kids. But I bet when matched with the right moppet, she’d melt. And so would her wax figure (above)!