Three Underrated Patios Where You’ll Actually Be Able to Find a Seat


That line you see in the photo above? That was the wait at 7 p.m. last Friday night for the Frying Pan, the bar located on a boat anchored in the Hudson. And while we dig the notion of sipping drinks while floating on the water, the pay-off for spending 45 minutes waiting to board our happy hour destination was a chance to buy a bucket of overpriced beers and then fight hordes of guzzlers for a table.

The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday is 72 and sunny, which means it may be one of the last weekends to spend some quality time outside before it gets so hot we all retreat for the air conditioned indoors until nightfall. If you’re not into the idea of wasting those precious hours fighting crowds, check out our list of underrated patios where you’ll actually be able to find a seat.

Jones Wood Foundry
This British restaurant, where you can get a solid English breakfast and worthy kedgeree, is a solid reason to venture up and east. The spot also has a small, peaceful inner courtyard ideal for a leisurely lunch or brunch, after which you can follow up your meal with a Crispin or three.

Brooklyn Sandwich Society
This Fort Greene temple of local fare opened in the fall of last year and so was unable to give its back garden, which feels like a good friend’s comfortable back yard, a full coming out. The restaurant now hosts gatherings there on Tuesday nights, but we’d rather split a large bottle of beer with a group on a Saturday.

Medi Wine Bar
Don’t be put off by the fact that the menu headings at this Hell’s Kitchen Mediterranean joint are written in comic sans: head straight through the dining room to the outdoor oasis in back, a large, sunny patio littered with umbrella-covered tables. You might also order one of the six roses on the wine list and enjoy the platonic ideal of beverages appropriate for this weather.