Top 10 Spitters In Music History (w/ VIDEO)


Spitting. It’s gross in any language or culture — a sign of disrespect that garners admiration or adoration from no one. Well, except for fans. Stars and celebrities themselves get mighty pissed off if you spit on them, but if they spit on you, you better just grin and take it.

That’s why we decided to look at the Top 10 spitters in music history — there’s almost no other context where spitting is so ubiquitous and so widely accepted and well-received. Somehow fans see it as a form of communication or bond between themselves and a star.

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10. Roger Waters
Why so low on this list? After all, Waters’ famous spitting incident was a major inspiration for Pink Floyd’s The Wall. In 1977, Waters got angry at fans who weren’t paying attention to the music and spit on them.

He realized how big of a “barrier” had been put up between himself and his fans by that point and went to work on a story about it. Unfortunately, we only have audio of the incident, so it’s not as much fun. Waters joked about it in Montreal 33 years later.

9. Ronnie Radke (Falling in Reverse)
While I hesitate to call Falling in Reverse front man Ronnie Radke “talented” at anything, I have to admit that he can talk some shit, especially to fans of his “rivals,” synthcore band I See Stars. Here he does them one better while they heckle him at a show.

8. Amy Winehouse
The dearly departed Amy Winehouse could spit with the best of them, as she proved to a couple of paparazzi who wouldn’t stop following her and asking her about X-Factor. They are, unfortunately, completely undeterred by the action.

7. Machine Gun Kelly
Spitting your saliva at someone is rude. On the other hand, according to Machine Gun Kelly, pick-up artist, spitting vodka into women’s mouths is totally the way to go. Results may vary if you’re not a famous rapper.

6. Bert McCracken (The Used)
Bert McCracken of the Used apparently really loves his fans. How much does he love them? According to this video from a live show the band played at Warped Tour in 2012, he loves them enough to first have “unprotected sex” with each and every one of them, followed by spitting on them.

5. Cedric Bixler-Zavala
Spitting on your fans is one thing, but spitting on your drummer, like former Mars Volta front man Cedric Bixler-Zavala does in this video? Pretty harsh. In 2012, he upgraded to spitting into camera lenses.

4. Mac Miller
Mac Miller is one hell of a spitter, as he proves here at a live show in 2012 at the Minnesota State Fair. Apparently Minnesotans are used to being spit on by Prince, so the spraying they got from Miller was welcome and much appreciated.

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3. The Game
Rapper The Game’s fans didn’t take him spitting on them quite as well as other artists, with one responding on Twitter that “sadly, saliva was the best thing he has spit in like three years.” For his part, The Game claimed he missed the fans.

2. Psy
Presently South Korea’s finest pop-music export, Psy greeted Toronto, Canada, with a custom — allegedly from his homeland — that consists of drinking a lot of water and then spitting the contents back out on fans. In America, we too have a similar custom.

1. Lars Ulrich
Is Metallica’s Lars Ulrich the best spitter in rock? It seems like he’s going for the championship, with numerous videos appearing on YouTube of him spitting on fans and into cameras.

There are also many photos of him doing it, including one time into a fan’s open mouth. Maybe he got the idea from James Hetfield spitting at him.

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