East Village Wine Shop Tinto Fino Closes Today


After seven years at 85 First Avenue, today’s the last day of business for all-Spanish wine shop Tinto Fino, Vinos de España. The shop is open from 1 to 10 p.m. today.

“It’s incredibly tough,” said owner Kerin Auth on Thursday afternoon by phone from the shop, located on First Avenue between East 5th and 6th streets. Auth didn’t want to disclose her plans for the future, but said she’s moving on to another company.

Auth said the store won’t have much in the way of inventory left after the shop closes–and that the last five days have been the busiest in the shop’s history.

“If I had known that closing would make us so busy, I might have done it sooner!”

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Via EV Grieve, here’s a portion of the e-mail that Tinto Fino owners sent to its customers:

A Tinto Fino Farewell

To our Beloved Customers of Tinto Fino:

Those of you that have not been by the shop in the past few weeks are perhaps wondering why it seems like you haven’t heard from us in a while. Please know and understand how incredibly difficult it has been to form the words it takes to tell you all, our amazing clientele and friends, that with great humility and infinite sadness, Tinto Fino will be officially closing its door Friday, May 24th.

A small business like Tinto Fino faces many obstacles over the course of its life, which in our case is seven years. This past year has proved to be particularly challenging, and sadly, we’ve come to realize that Tinto Fino will not be able to overcome the accumulative woes and blows it has faced throughout this incredible journey of becoming your neighborhood wine shop.

Amazingly, we’ve sold a LOT of Spanish wine here, thanks to all of you, our loyal customers. Truth is, we’ve been only kept alive, in every way, by your constant support, patronage and love for what we do. The relationships this store has developed and so effortlessly nurtured are the most valuable asset it ever had — we have nothing but love for this amazing community of neighbors and wine lovers.

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