Education Takes on Cooper Union Protests, Complains About Dumbing Down of America


A refreshing take on the Cooper Union occupation today from The students, alumni, and other folks protesting the school’s decision to charge tuition are “multiculurists [sic] with a political agenda” and “dream of a Spolied Brat [sic] Socialist Utopia.”

As in:

If the past gives any clues about the most effective way to end the protest, its [sic] to pull the plug on the party. Unless the administration plans to capitulate to the protestors [sic] childlike understanding of economics, they [sic] need to do what they’d do to any group of squatters who wandered in off the Manahattan [sic] streets and Kick. [sic] Them. Out.

Preach! There’s only one way to fight against the “the obvious dumbing down of American academia by the tenured Left,” and that’s one grammatical battle at a time.

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