Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Charity Loses Nike as Sponsor


The Lance Armstrong scandal is the story that just keeps on taking. In the most recent development, Nike has pulled its support from the disgraced bike racer’s cancer charity, Livestrong, the Associated Press is reporting. So, that whole yellow bracelet thing is probably on its way out.

Nike, which also also canceling its Livestrong clothing line, helped the 15-year-old Austin, Texas-based charity raise some $100 million, but distanced itself following Armstrong’s doping admissions. Previously, the shoe company had dropped Armstrong as a sponsor. The AP reports Livestrong officials say they will continue on, despite Nike’s choice.

Meanwhile, USA Today has a series of prickly e-mails from March between Armstrong and Betsy Andreu, the wife of Lance’s former teammate Frankie Andreu. The Andreus were among the first to accuse Armstrong of doping. Lance came after them hard for going public, until he finally stopped prevaricating.