Ray Kelly, These Pollsters Like You, They Really Like You


“Simply put, it’s Ray’s if he wants it.”

So begins a fawning May 29 analysis of a poll of 600 New Yorkers about the police commissioner’s chances to win the mayoral election, written by Kellyanne Conway of The Polling Company Inc. to unnamed “Interested Parties.” Is this that mystery poll we wrote about last week? Unclear.

Here now is our third item on this totally hypothetical (yeah, right) question of whether Kelly will run. He has to file by June 10. He told NBC earlier this week that he has “no plans” to run. (Thanks to our colleague Sydney Brownstone for unearthing the memo.)

Without naming those interested parties (Kelly? Rich guys who like him? Christine Quinn? Bill Thompson? A mystery guest?), the memo gushes over Kelly’s prospects on the campaign trail, saying he’s got “instant front-runner status” if he jumps in.

“As an undeclared candidate that has not spent a single dime, Kelly already edges two leading democrats,” Conway’s memo says, citing poll results which show the Popeye-esque commish waxing supposed Democratic frontrunners Quinn and Thompson in the general election.

This line has to sting Quinn, Thompson and the other candidates: “[Kelly] has higher name ID (88 percent) and a higher job approval rating [63 percent] and a more positive image [49 percent] than candidates who have spent months and years running.”

Kelly gets high marks for his job performance among Republicans, Democrats and Independents, and in every borough, even the Bronx and even among non-whites, according to this poll, anyway. Voters were more favorable toward Kelly than anyone else, including Mayor Bloomberg, the memo says.

“Kelly dramatically outperforms Michael Bloomberg on current job approval among non-white voters,” the memo says.

And what of the question of whether voters think Kelly can handle the much broader responsibilities of mayor? “Here, too, Kelly shines,” Conway gushes.

Kelly, Conway says, does better than expected among voters when asked about their views on Kelly’s defense of the stop-and-frisk campaign.