‘Anybody but Quinn’ Group Back With Three New TV Ads


This is James. If you can’t tell from his raised voice, or the half-assed camera zooms on his face, the West Village resident doesn’t like City Council Speaker Christine Quinn very much. His main concern is Quinn’s ties to her boss: “She’s being attacked because nobody knows where she stands and she’s more concerned with getting elected, more concerned with getting Mayor Bloomberg elected.” And you’ll be seeing this 30-second ad, along with two others from the “Anybody but Quinn” campaign, on television in no time.

ABQ, a group associated with New York City Is Not For Sale, consists of disenfranchised labor and animal activists, with a budget so far of $500,000 for spots like these. Naturally, there have been claims of ties to de Blasio’s campaign, whose main theme seems to be “Down with Quinn.”

The last we heard from the group, the anti-Quinn-ers had just released their first television ad in early April, which started with a smoky, dark chamber, presumably where the speaker is conducting her “back-room deals” with Big Development. Moving beyond that, the new ones focus in on that relationship, citing the closing of the St. Vincent Hospital in the West Village as a prime example.

The other two ads that premiered yesterday, “Robin” and “Eric,” are set in the same format as the “James” video from before: simple close-ups of Quinn’s pissed-off constituents. You can watch them below (before Quinn tries to take them off the air again).

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