Here is the Harbor Seal Pup That Beach-Goers Found on Long Island This Weekend


A three-day-old harbor seal pup was found on the beach at Sands, a Long Island beach club, this past weekend, reports the Associated Press. But it wasn’t clear whether humans separated the pup from mama seal, or whether she wandered astray, according to the Riverhead Foundation for Research and Preservation, the organization that rescued the pup and is now trying to prepare it to be released back into the wild.

When the pup was found, she still had her umbilical cord attached and was fully nourished. “In general the mother will not leave the pup for the first week or so,” rescue program director Kim Durham told the Voice.

In 2005, Riverhead rescued and rehabilitated a baby seal from Smith Point County Park on Fire Island, but it’s rare that seals would be found in such a populated area, Durham added.

We’re not sure whether we should be angry at Sands or grateful that beach-goers found the pup, but we are having a difficult time looking at this seal without fantasizing about that kiddie pool in the neighbor’s backyard that could maybe possibly totally work for a fuzzy, water-loving seal pup. No, no. Bad. BAD. But just…


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