Medical Marijuana Bill Wins in the New York State Assembly


On Monday, a bill that would allow medical marijuana use sailed through the New York State Assembly, passing with a clean 95-38. If the bill makes it through the Senate, folks with “severely debilitating or life-threatening conditions” could be prescribed pot by their doctors.

Yesterday’s Assembly session heard many compelling arguments for medical marijuana–one of which came from Assemblywoman Deb Glick (D), who shared a story of her sister’s chemotherapy treatment. But an unexpected anecdote also came from Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (D), a co-sponsor of the bill, who argued that marijuana wasn’t similar to other criminalized drugs in that it was “one of the most benign, clinically active substances known to humanity.”

“Nothing is completely safe–I wouldn’t say that about marijuana or anything else,” Gottfried added. “President Bush almost choked to death tossing pretzels in his mouth.”

So there you have it. Too much of a good thing–including pretzels and pot–is a bad idea. But isn’t one perhaps more likely to choke on a pretzel if one is dangerously high? Just kidding, Assembly. You do us proud.

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