Jen Silverman’s play Phoebe in Winter, the centerpiece of Clubbed Thumb’s annual Summerworks Festival, isn’t exactly local or seasonal. The Wild Project’s air conditioners will need to run full blast to evoke the chill of this curious postwar drama. When the Creedy brothers (Christopher Ryan Grant, Bobby Moreno, and Chris Meyers) straggle home from a faraway conflict, they are met by an unusual welcoming committee: a mysterious armed woman (Chinasa Ogbuagu) who announces herself as kin. “You killed my brothers,” she says. “I had three. So now you will be my brothers.” But can they convince little sister to put down the machine gun? Director Mike Donahue works to straighten this gnarled family tree.

Mondays-Sundays, 8 p.m. Starts: June 7. Continues through June 16, 2013

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