Contest Alert: Pen a Short Review, Win Money for a Chocolate Jesus on


If you’re into off-beat flavor combinations and you can also write a short sentence better than Ernest Hemingway, we get word that is running a contest you might want to check out.

The website sells what it calls “indie” food, or products made from start to finish by a person rather than a company, making it a good stop for anyone with a penchant for unusual pantry items. Purveyors on the site include Blue Hill–which sells Hudson Valley Honey–and Roni Sue Chocolates; shoppers can find everything from bacon-themed gift baskets to ghost pepper mustard.

The contest is simple: review a product from the website using only six words, and then share the review on Twitter using the hashtag #sixwordreview or via Facebook tagging @Mouth. Over the course of six weeks, a panel of six judges (including Chef Marc Murphy and Suburgatory star Ana Gasteyer, by the way) will choose a winner to receive a $66 gift certificate.

With that money, you could buy three Jesus sculptures made of chocolate, or six jars of pickled bamboo or eight jars of spiced beer jelly. Or a gift set filled with five types of jerky.

We know, we know. You’re going for those chocolate Jesus statues. Us too.