3 Best Ways to Watch 200 Pounds of Dynamite Implode a Building on Governors Island


On Sunday, the choicest day for implosions, the Trust for Governors Island will level an abandoned 11-story building on the island with 200 pounds of dynamite. Building 877 was constructed in 1968 to house Coast Guard families, but hasn’t been in use since 1996. So, kaboom it will go, to make room for a 30-acre park with a “Hammock Grove” and adult softball fields.

But it’s not every day that park authorities get to play HULK SMASH. At least a decade has passed since the powers that be decided to demolish another city building by implosion. This event is scheduled for 7:36 a.m. (groan), but there are painless ways to catch the action. Incentivize yourself! Here are the top three methods to view the 30-second blast:

  1. Stay up all night and take the 7:30 a.m. Staten Island Ferry from Lower Manhattan: Getting up early is always a little bit easier if you never went to bed. Why not throw a rager for Building 877? You can rally your friends in the early morning hours, wipe the crust and smeared eyeliner out of your eyes, and watch the building implode.
  2. Brunch on a sailboat: Leave it to New Yorkers to find a way to turn any event into a brunch event. These guys have already organized a viewing by schooner, complete with a brunch spread and Prosecco bar.
  3. The Not-So-Early Bird Special: Just livestream it, or, hell, watch it on YouTube later. You were still technically “there” when it happened, but 7:36 a.m. is prime snoozing time. This is why we have the Internet.


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