Pancakes and an Ancient Grass Diet in Stories Worth Reading This Weekend


More good news for coffee-drinkers in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine: Scientists find evidence that coffee intake is linked to longevity. So put on a pot and dig in with good food-related reads you might have missed this week.

Need to step up your weekend breakfast? Esquire‘s Eat Like a Man rolls out five easy steps to improving your pancake game (buttermilk, cast iron, and bourbon-spiked syrup make the list). Fire up the griddle and consider trying your hand at the cheddar bacon pancake recipe included in the post.

McSweeney’s takes on reviewing another batch of new foods after a long hiatus; highlights include Snyder’s of Hanover York Peppermint Pretzel Sandwich Dip, which gives “the sensation that I’m about to die in a ditch and my rotting corpse will be picked apart by raccoons before anybody finds me,” and Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers, made of “four impressive ingredients all compressed into a dense flat mess that in final stages resembles a paved pebble sidewalk.”

More fuel for fighting your obnoxious paleo friend: Our ancestors may have actually eaten grass. NPR‘s The Salt reports on an anthropological study that refutes the premise of the meat-heavy diet.

And make sure you check out Scarlett Lindeman’s account of the carnitas at El Atoradera and Eve Turow’s interview with Mulberry Project’s Rael Petit in the Voice this week, too.