Christian Siriano Debuts First Resort Collection in His Manhattan Apartment!


Last week, fashion designer and fourth season Project Runway winner Christian Siriano debuted his first resort collection, but the best aspect far surpassed the beautiful posh dresses. Siriano hosted the ultra feminine line entirely in his amazing Fashion District apartment! And if you were lucky enough to step foot into his place, you’d understand why we’re using so many exclamation points.

“I decided to host in my home because I felt like most editors, buyers, and stylists have been to so many events it becomes old and monotonous,” Siriano said. “There are so many events going on every night in New York this was my way of doing something fun, new, and hopefully exciting for anyone covering the resort season.”

We weren’t expecting such grandiose digs, though we’re not sure why, considering his brand is worth millions and he has impeccable taste. Also, the humdrum exterior of the building, like most in that neighborhood, wasn’t screaming OMG! But, boy, were we ever wrong.

His huge one-bedroom (two bathroom!) apartment overlooks Seventh Avenue, and has a loft with white columns that overlooks the living room. The presentation/party was definitely fun, but, as a friend of ours said, “the apartment overshadows the clothes.”

Obviously we were quite taken with Siriano’s home, but the resort line was pretty spectacular on its own. Although a resort line is supposed to be a sportier offshoot of a designer’s brand, Siriano didn’t stray too much from his signature dramatic flair.

“I really designed it for my customer,” Siriano said. “I want her to have great options for day and beautiful pieces for evening and social events. It was important, though, to try new things like an abundance of separates and items that can be mixed and matched for the woman looking for longevity in her pieces.”

For a glimpse of Siriano’s glamorous clothes (or if you have a few hundred bucks to own a Siriano original), visit his new store on 252 Elizabeth Street. As for a peek into his fab apartment, you’re out of luck. (Well, perhaps until next season!)

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