New York NOW Endorses Christine Quinn for Mayor


For the mayoral race, another day, another endorsement. But this time, it falls upon an electoral landmark. Today, the Daily News has reported that the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women will officially endorse City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a candidate who, if elected, will be the first female and openly gay mayor in New York City’s history.


NOW cites the advantage Quinn’s position has given her on women’s’ issues as further reason to endorse her. President Sonia Ossario called Quinn “inspiring to women across New York, not simply because she is a woman, but because she is a woman who has the strongest record of accomplishment of anyone in the race.” In her statement yesterday, Ossario referred to Qunn’s work with regulating crisis pregnancy centers and raising the punishment for drivers involved in sex trafficking.

“Make no bones about it, electing the first female mayor of New York City will be an historic accomplishment,” Ossario said. “But what makes her candidacy even more inspiring is the fact that of all the people in this race, no one can hold a candle to her in terms of actual accomplishment on behalf of all New Yorkers.”

Of course, given her status, NOW’s support for Quinn was almost a given. However, the endorsement provides a shelter to the speaker from predecessor comparisons, providing her campaign with a historical tone that’s way softer than the “Bloomberg 2.0” label she cannot seem to escape. Especially as she faces backlash from the LGBT community on her record on progressive issues, which stood at the center of a Voice cover story on the speaker from last month.

Quinn will need the NOW support as the labor vote–the other key constituency in the Democratic base–continues to split along candidate lines. Needless to say, the Democratic roster is shaping up to be a race to land the power players.

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