Least Helpful Craigslist “Free” Post of the Week: Governors Ball Ray Ban Edition


Imagine centuries from now, when archaeologists combing through the sediment of Randalls Island in search of cultural artifacts from bygone days find a trove of broken Ray Ban sunglasses embedded in hardened mud. “Curiouser and curiouser,” a future archeologist might say, zooming in on the objects with his Google Glass Plus 5000. “Was this a massive gathering in worship of the sun? A viewing of the solar eclipse?” (Let’s assume that all Internet archives documenting this past weekend’s Governors Ball have somehow been accidentally destroyed in an uncontrollably popular uprising.)

No, future archeologist, it was none of those things. But it was an opportunity for hordes of sunglasses-wearing, headband-sporting, peace-sign-flashing youngs to get drunk and roll around in mud to live music. The result? A graveyard of orphaned Ray Bans, the first of which we see documented in this Craigslist “free” post. Good luck with that one, friend.