Rick Perry Wants to Wrangle New York Business and Ride It All the Way Home to Texas


Kerflump, kerflump, kerflump. Hear that? It’s the sound of Texas Governor Rick Perry riding an imaginary steed to New York and Connecticut, where he’s set to launch a four-day tour next week in an attempt to herd local business back to Texas.

Perry, whose presidential bid tripped up over an ad criticizing gays in the military and the war on Christmas (among other issues), has issued a $1 million ad campaign in New York and Connecticut through his nonprofit, TexasOne. In the ads, Perry enlists Texas locals to cheer on the state’s business climate.

“Texas, land of opportunity,” Emmitt Smith, former NFL running back, tells the camera.

“Home of creative renegades,” echoes filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.

Over the course of next week, Perry will chat with gun manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry, and the financial sector, according to CBS News. TexasOne has also published charts attempting to show why Texas is business-friendlier than New York.

This ain’t the Texas governor’s first touring rodeo. When Perry visited California in April touting the same sell, he got into a written tussle with the Sacramento Bee, which published a cartoon juxtaposing a Rick Perry message about “booming business” next to an explosion. The cartoon arrived a week after the Texas fertilizer plant blast that killed 15 people.

The artist, Jack Ohman, stood by his work, arguing that Perry’s anti-regulatory stance was ripe for criticism.

Rick Perry’s upcoming appearance in New York seems to be far less inflammatory than that of Ted Cruz. But hold onto your Medicaid expansion, folks–the governor rides in.