Puppets, action figures, dolls, sticks, bits of cloth: Does this sound like kid’s stuff? How wrong you are. For 10 years, St. Ann’s Warehouse has hosted the Toy Theater Festival, produced by Great Small Works, a celebration of adult entertainments performed by some very particular thespians. They may be lifeless, but they’re hardly inanimate. In addition to a toy theater museum, a gala benefit, a parade, and a public workshop, the festival will feature shows by performers who hail from Mexico, England, Germany, and throughout the U.S. These small-scale, big-dream dramas center on reptiles, mummies, superheroes, rickshaws, superstorms, nuns, Occupy Wall Street, the storming of the Winter Palace, a wild night at the Roman pantheon, and a one-man, multi-toy Oklahoma!

June 14-23, 2013