Storm Surfers 3D. . . In 3D


Have you ever seen a killer wave, mate? Well, have you ever seen a killer wave . . . in 3D? This question resounds above all when watching Storm Surfers 3D, Chris Nelius and Justin McMillan’s bodacious, x-treme, etc. doc about two Australian bros who love to surf. All right, they’re not just any two bros—they’re Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones, surfing legends who spend their time chasing the biggest waves around, with a team that includes a meteorologist and a fleet of jet skis. Yet despite the hoopla about finding “new waves” and exploring “hidden” surfing locations, the principal reason for the film’s existence seems to be showing its heroes surfing giant waves in 3D. That 3D is gorgeous, but as wave after wave crashes by without much else happening, you might begin to wonder if Storm Surfers 3D isn’t more of a half-hour Discovery Channel documentary padded out to feature length. Gestures are made toward a human story—the middle-age surfers are made painfully aware of the breakdown of their bodies, as they responsibly (though reluctantly) avoid dangerous waves they would have thrown themselves at 20 years earlier—yet these lines of inquiry are left half-examined. Admittedly, the stunning visuals captivate for much of the picture, but as the novelty wears off, and the beauty turns from stunning to repetitive, the non-surfers in the theater may begin to grow restless.


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