Blood Cocktails, Artisans, and Non-Cronut Pastries in our Week in Review


Can’t stomach the idea of another morning of waiting in the cronut line? Check out our list of the 10 best pastries in NYC that aren’t Dominique Ansel’s croissant-donut hybrid, and then settle in for a read of some of our top stories of the week.

Empellon chef Alex Stupak talks about the third installation of Push Project, which will feature Chris Cosentino. Says Stupak of his upcoming collaboration: “When you’re looking to learn from another chef, sometimes you seek an approach or a thought process that’s different from yours, if not completely opposite. … By juxtaposing yourself next to that, it lights a fire under your ass.”

2nd Floor on Clinton bartender Ektoras Binikos once created a recipe for cocktail that included human blood as an ingredient. The drink was commissioned by the Guggenheim in celebration artist Marina Abramović’s 60th birthday, though it never made it into the glass. “It was a very controversial cocktail, and the art department of the Guggenheim was very excited, but the legal department said absolutely not,” says Binikos in an interview with In the Spirit columnist Eve Turow. He also divulges a recipe for a cocktail that contains charcoal.

Hannah Palmer Egan heads to the old Brooklyn Pfizer plant and finds a food revolution. She talks to the owners of People’s Pops, Kelvin Slush, and Heartbeet, among others, about what it’s like to work in the space where Viagra was invented.

Bradley Hawks profiles a quirky restaurant in Queens that serves wacky twists on comfort food amid old toys and ’80s Halloween masks.

We’re also back to eating our way through the boroughs, rounding up our 100 favorite dishes of 2013 in advance of our Best of NYC issue that drops later this year. Check out what we’ve tasted, and give us a holler if you know of something delicious that we absolutely shouldn’t miss.

And make sure you read Billy Lyons’ account of Lucy Roux, a Cajun, Creole, and Caribbean pop-up inside of D.B.A. Brooklyn.

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