Gay Man Beaten by Cops [Update]: CCRB Gets in the Game


In addition to the Brooklyn D.A.’s office, the Civilian Complaint Review Board is also investigating the alleged June 2 assault by homophobic slur-spewing 79th Precinct police on a gay man in Brooklyn. Victim Josh Williams is at right.

A source close to the case says that NYPD Internal Affairs has kicked all but the excessive force complaint to the CCRB for investigation.

At one time, having your complaint sent to the CCRB was like being placed in the waiting room before purgatory. Now that the agency can prosecute its own investigations, it might not be so bad. We’ll see.

But one wonders … Mayor Bloomberg still hasn’t said a word on this. If this was an encounter between civilians, it would be aggressively prosecuted as a bias crime by the NYPD. Since it involves a cop, things seem different.

Meanwhile, details emerged on two other lawsuits that named Pinnock as a defendant.

Vernon Taylor claimed in his lawsuit that Pinnock and other officers falsely arrested and “battered” him in February 2006. He also claimed they arrested to cover him their beating of him. Taylor got $45,000 in a settlement.

Cymantha Holly claimed that Pinnock falsely arrested her in April 2011 in Brooklyn after a birthday party got out of hand. Officers arrived at the scene with guns drawn, and allegedly threatened to “blow the heads off” of partygoers, according to the complaint. Holly complained about the cops’ conduct and she was grabbed, cuffed, and dragged to a police car.

For some reason, the police took her to the hospital to draw her blood, and then drove her to the precinct, repeatedly braking so she would smack her head against the security partition. Then the police trumped up a charge that she stolen $250, which was later dismissed.

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