Cam’ron and Action Bronson Should Win Short Feature Oscars For Their Incredible Vines


No disrespect to Riff Raff, whose Vine game is tight. But when it comes to expressing the cinematic mind in six second video loops, no one is holding it down quite like Cam’ron and Action Bronson. These two are doing some incredible things with the app. Cam is like a young Guy Ritchie the way he mixes guns and weed, using each Vine to advance the plot of shootout gone weird. And Action is just Action (read: magnetic/creative/hilarious/outrageous/unique). Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting Vines from Cam and Bam Bam.

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Cam’s Weed Grenade For Peace
After shooting it out with Cousin Bang in previous installments, the truly diplomatic Mr. Giles makes an overture for peace. Someone get this guy to North Korea.

Action Imitating Schoolboy Pep Talk
With impromptu bucket hat and penned face tattoos, Action delivers a daily affirmation worthy of Stuart Smalley.

Julu Diving to Duck Cousin Bang’s Bullets
Man, Juju is so ride or die my vision got blurry when I saw her dive to safety and then bust her gun for her man. Her sock game is stupid too. All I need in this life of sin…

Schoolboy’s New Bucket
Just watch it. I can’t type and laugh at the same time.

Julu Reloaded
Channeling Carlito Brigante in the bathroom stall, Juju lets Cam know she’s not to be trifled with.

Action Penning Tattoos
Action assaulted Schoolboy on all fronts. Schoolboy just made fun of Action’s weight and that’s why, by Q’s own admission, Action beat him. Action really gets creative when he starts snapping.

Cam’s Towel Cape Spinning
The domestic dispute with Julu settled, the couple engage in some hood ballroom dancing. That’s funny on its own, but that green bath towel Cam uses for a cape needs it’s own twitter account.

It’s Me
This is a comparatively somber moment for Action. Bam Bam addresses all naysayers in one fell swoop, saying he doesn’t care about them because he’s original.

Cam, Bang and Julu Make Peace
Similar to Juju and Cam making up, this one involves Bang, who seems to have recovered well from his bullet wound, doing his in-the-club dance while Juju grinds on Cam. If only all shoot outs ended so hilariously.

Action Combing His Hair
Action is the king of singing ’round the house with the radio as the back up vocalist. But when he sings along to Spanish music while combing his freshly grown hair do it’s good enough to charge a viewing fee.

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