6 Wild Gang Takedown: Caught Using Facebook, Robbing Drug Dealers


Facebook is a great place to post how you’re doing, your new job, pictures of the dog, plates of restaurant food, and, if you’re members of a violent drug gang, which specialized in home-invasion robberies of other drug dealers, snapshots of your piles of cash!

Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan tells us that authorities took down 11 members of a Bronx-based gang called 6 Wild on conspiracy, attempted murder, robbery and drug charges this week for home invasion robberies dating over the past two years (two a month!).

They really tried to rob drug dealers, but on three occasions, they robbed innocent folks instead, who in at least one case were beaten with a frying pan and choked. In addition, the gang also was involved in a dozen shootings as a result of tuf battles with other gangs.

“Members of 6 Wild held regular meetings at 1041 and 1055 Findlay Ave., where they discussed making money, the purchasing of weapons and disputes with rival groups,” Brennan said in a statement.

Like many of today’s youth, the gang used slang and mangled the language on social media, communicated on Facebook, and had code words for guns like “Grip,” “Glocc,” “Tool,” and “Bike” for firearm, and for drugs like “Krills,” “Grams,” “Yams,” and “Grizz.”
The suspects also posted photos of cash with captions like, “I BURRY THE MOST CASH ND BURNING THE REST!” or “$$$$$$$ WILDDDD $$$$$$$.”

“This group carried out vicious assaults, robberies and drug dealing. Each and every activity they were involved in threatened the safety of the people in their community,” Brennan said. “They swore allegiance to only one thing — the Gucci bags full of cash that they collected from committing their crimes.”   

Here are some pictures of cash posted by the gang on Facebook: