Ippudo, Pop-ups, and Marion Nestle: What to Read This Weekend


Headed to the LIC Flea & Food this weekend? Bradley Hawks just penned a round-up of 10 great dishes he found at the event last weekend, and it’s good guidance for tackling the dozens of vendors. But first, pour yourself a cup of weekend coffee and read up on our top stories of the week.

Big news: Ippudo Westside set an opening date. See a first glimpse of the space and get the details on a new vegan, gluten-free ramen that will make the new spot’s menu. Old favorites will also be available, albeit in a subtly altered form.

Eve Turow catches up with Marion Nestle, pioneer of the Food Studies program at NYU and a big influencer in the food politics movement, who talks about how she got into nutrition and where food is headed. Professor Nestle just re-released her book Food Politics and has a forthcoming collection of food-related political cartoons in the works.

Billy Lyons rounds up the city’s best pop-up restaurants, including a Smorgasburg favorite, a roving Ethiopian dinner party, and Corey Cova’s Flock dinners. Did your favorite make the cut? Leave us a note in the comments section of that story.

Director Douglas Tirola tells us why we should go see Hey Bartender, his documentary on the cocktail scene that just entered wide release. The movie tells the story behind Employees Only and features commentary from a number of New York City’s bartending heavy hitters.

Scarlett Lindeman checks out Grand Morelos, a Mexican diner that’s also an East Williamsburg institution. A highlight? The chicken tinga stew.

We interview Maison Premiere chef Lisa Giffen, who has a lot to say about the New York culinary scene and her history. She also divulges a couple of good cooking tips and names her favorite hidden gem in the city:

A little jewel box on the second floor of a building in Midtown called Caviar Russe. You don’t see it from the street. It’s above a sushi place, and it seats like 20 people. It has these beautiful tasting menus, and it serves really wonderful food and caviar and champagne. It’s nondescript, but not in that we’re-too-cool way. It’s a little gem.

We’ve posted a fresh batch of favorite dishes, including a killer version of New York’s ubiquitous egg, sausage, and cheese on a roll and a dessert from Manzanilla so odd-looking that many commenters seem baffled. Check out what we’ve eaten so far, and let us know if there’s something we shouldn’t miss.

And don’t miss James A. Foley’s account of sake gold standard Sakagura plus his interview with a sake expert that details how and where to drink the Japanese rice wine.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on June 21, 2013

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