Collections, Brooklyn’s Newest Vintage Outpost, Brings a Bit of North Carolina to Bushwick


Last night, Collections, Bushwick’s newest vintage outpost, hosted a formal opening party replete with a well-stocked mini bar and (maybe consequently) a decent portion of every street-style trendsetter and Jemima Kirke dress-alike ever to grace the Morgan L stop.

It’s the passion project of photographer and designer Lucy Ann Wheeless, who broke off a stint with Marc Jacobs to kickstart her appointment-only consultations–a service aimed at vintage enthusiasts reluctant to shell out the bigger bills for, let’s face it, something somebody else wore before.

Now, two years later, her new Wilson Avenue storefront is open to walk-ins–and sit-ins. We’re reluctant to refer to any commercial endeavor as “cozy,” but it’s really the only term that fits this boutique, in which there seem to be about as many generously upholstered easy chairs as there are items of clothing for sale. The intended clientele and the rotating display of local artists’ work lining the walls are as characteristically Bushwick as the graffiti walking tour passing by outside–that is, highly–but the soft white interior and the tastefully conservative appearance of a decorative seashell or two are reminiscent of Wheeless’s native North Carolina.

So is the collection in question. A far cry from the sift-worthy but often overwhelming racks at Beacon’s or Buffalo, the wares are decidedly curated, stocked from Southern vintage outlets scouted on a roadtrip up the Florida coast. Sure enough, the result less resembles a hodgey-podgey free-for-all than a very discerning friend’s closet. Miu Miu slingbacks, geometric bikinis, wicker hats, and a bevy of leisure suits that land just this side of the Golden Girls standard make up a beach-inspired summer set.

Collections could easily double as the costuming trailer for the female protagonist in a Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation, provided the protagonist were very hip indeed. This, oddly enough, is a complement. With a breezy, vintage-as-art approach and equally relaxed pricing, it represents a refreshingly inclusive turn for Bushwick fashion.

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