Action Bronson on Saaab Stories’ Controversial Artwork, Havoc’s Twitter Fiasco


Action Bronson is riding high. His new EP Saaab Stories, helmed by longtime producer Harry Fraud, debuted at #63 on the Billboard 200 (largely off the strength of the duo’s own grassroots promo). Featuring the likes of Raekwon, Prodigy and the return of the trash-talking Big Body Bes, Saaab Stories is a rap fan’s rap album. The Queens native and gourmand spoke to us, while appropriately noshing on Thai food in Williamsburg, about what he’s been up to and what we can expect from his sold-out show at Santos Party House tonight.

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You’re known as hip-hop’s resident foodie. What are you eating?
Thai food. Green curry at Tai Thai in Williamsburg. It’s spicy. It’s hot outside too, but it’s good.

It’s too hot in NYC to eat real food. I only had frozen yogurt today.
I can’t do that. I’m a growing boy.

Fair enough. You just released your EP Saaab StoriesThe artwork has proved pretty polarizing.
I knew it would be controversial. I’ve always done something with graphics so I wanted to do something different. It wasn’t meant to offend women or Asians or nothing like that. I love women. I love Asians. We had a photo shoot and that was the best scene from it.

I wish there was a caption beneath to explain it to the people who don’t get it.
It’s really up to interpretation.

Sort of like a Magic Eye?
[Laughs]. Exactly. Like a Magic Eye. That’s a good one.

Saaab Stories is the latest installment in your long working relationship with producer Harry Fraud. How did you two become so cool? You’re besties.
[Laughs]. He’s a real good kid. Real honest. I like people like that. I like to have a personal relationship with people before recording and we just got along.

Prodigy of Mobb Deep is featured on Saaab Stories. Did you happen to catch his other half, Havoc, leak his uh, dick pic on Twitter?
Aw man! It was the first thing on my timeline when I checked Twitter. It was right at the top. I just clicked on the selfie though, not a dick pic. I was going to call Alchemist and then I saw Twitter just blow up.

Celebrities really need to get better passwords on their phones.
Yeah. I was just in Manchester and I lost my phone performing. I lost my phone in a crowd of thousands. Danny Brown was up next so I had to wait for his set to end and then I made an announcement that I’d give whoever found it 500 pounds. A guy ended up giving me my phone. I had $2000 in my pocket and I just gave it to him. He came up. What was on the phone was worth more than $2000.

I can only imagine.
Yeah and it’s not even like sex stuff, but emails and important people’s contacts. I wouldn’t want that stuff to get out and be the guy responsible for it.

Like when Paris Hilton’s Sidekick got hacked and everyone hated her?

You have a show tonight at Santos to celebrate Saaab Stories. What can we expect? Any surprises?
You can expect ME. Why do you need surprises? I think people expect that at concerts, especially in NYC. Like, I should bring out Ice-T or something.

I’d rather you bring back Detective Stabler from Law & Order over Ice-T.

That’s become a thing like, “Who’s going to come out?” Just enjoy the artist you came to see.

Rap shows have become a sea of camera phones or worse, men being overly pushy trying to get to the front of the stage. Like, “Dude. Action Bronson does not want to see you.”
I fucking hate that. Nobody wants to see the sweaty dudes pushing to get to the front. I’d rather see the beautiful women in the front.

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