Chippy Nonstop Wants To Marry Chief Keef (Even Though He Stole Kitty Pryde’s Candy)


Editor’s note: In “Tweets Is Watching,” Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.

Chippy Nonstop is back in Brooklyn for the summer! Today she releases her new six-track EP; it’s titled Finally Verified and is also being promoted with a Gif-tastic memory game. In the run up to the project’s release, here’s Ms. Nonstop talking about her Twitter timeline references to becoming starstruck in the presence of the Jonas Brothers, her favorite Bushwick laundry spot, and how she has grand plans to settle down to a life of quiet domesticity with Chief Keef.

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How was the show with Kitty Pryde the other night?
Yeah, we kinda played a back and forth set. I had fun, so… I don’t know. It was like a noise show so they didn’t really accept rap, I feel like. So I feel like they were like, “Oh, who are these girls?”

Did you win the crowd over?
Yeah, I think so. I always do! There were a lot of creepy people though. Once we stopped playing there were a few guys just taking pictures of us just standing there. They were acting like we were animals at a zoo. I just kept dancing and ignored them but Kitty was like, “Yeah, they’re leering.”

Kitty Pryde is also on your EP, right?
It’s a song called “Bubblegum.” It’s definitely way more pop than any of the songs on the EP. It’s a cute girlie song. It’s definitely really pop ’cause the rest of the EP is kinda like Bay Area and hyphy influenced and it’s more rapping than I have done on previous things. It’s a little less dancey.

Where did the idea for the EP’s artwork come from?
It’s inspired by this rapper named Tommy Wright III. If you look at his greatest hits album, he’s on this like floral couch and this girl is in-between his legs. It’s pretty much the basis of the inspiration, and I wanted a guy to do it and then every time I would ask a guy he was like, “No, fuck that.” Then in the end my friend was in the living room and we decided to shoot the EP cover in her living room and move all the furniture and put the couch there and do it. It wasn’t even like a photo-shoot.

So you’re a fan of Tommy Wright III’s music?
Yeah, it’s like pimp playa shit, kinda like slow. He’s underground, probably like things you could compare it to are like a lo-fi Memphis sound, so like people from Raider Klan or maybe like Three 6 Mafia influenced.

Who has the best couch, you or Tommy?
Oh, I really wanted a floral couch too but then I really wanted to do like a futuristic thing and have like a clear blow-up couch and maybe make it a little more like cute. But it was pretty organic, as I literally have that couch. It’s blue velvet–my couch goes hard.

You Instagrammed a picture of you outside of a laundry place.
Oh yeah, I was just chillin’, doing like a mini photo shoot.

So you weren’t actually doing laundry?
No, definitely not. I send my laundry out, I’m too lazy to do it.

Is it a good service?
Yes, they’re really good and it’s like $9 to do all my laundry and they pick it up and they bring it back the next day.

Do they ever lose anything?
Well, okay, last time they forgot one of my things, ’cause they didn’t dry it ’cause it was leather. But they’re usually good and they fold everything really nicely and it always smells amazing.

Do you want to shout the laundry place out?
Um, well, I’m staying in Bushwick right now so it’s some place in Bushwick. I don’t even know what it’s called. My roommate told me about it.

Someone suggested you should marry Heems.
Yeah, there’s no chance of that, no chance at all [laughs].

Why not?
He’s the homie but I’m pretty sure he has a girlfriend. I’ve seen him out with his girlfriend. I’m not trying to be like a home-wrecker out here.

Which rapper would you marry?
Oh my god, stop! The list! I mean I always say Chief Keef is my boo on everything and I like Photoshop pictures of him and me hanging out. But I know that would probably be a fucked up relationship. He keeps going to jail so I don’t know if I can trust him. So I used to always say Gucci Mane. I feel like I’m always going for guys who are constantly going to jail and that’s probably not a good thing.

Where would you take Chief Keef on a first date?
Probably like food, tacos, going to bed.

Do you think Chief Keef would offer to pay for food on a first date?
Oh, yeah, he’s ballin’! He’s rich as fuck! Finally rich. That was also my inspiration for my EP title, based on Chief Keef.

Have you met Chief Keef?

Have you tried?
Don’t remind me! I’ve never met him. Kitty met him on her tour and I was so mad. I was like, “I wanna meet him!”

What did she say Chief Keef was like?
She said he was scary, he didn’t really talk and he ate all of her candy.

You did get to meet the Jonas Brothers the other day though, right?
Oh, yeah, we went to the MTV OMAs and fuckin’ I literally had my face frozen, but the hot one wasn’t there so it wasn’t that exciting. I mean, I don’t know any of their music, I don’t really know who they are, but it was just funny seeing the Jonas Brothers. It was kinda weird, ’cause the whole MTV award show was based around them and they were there for like five minutes and they kept bringing them up and kept having random people act like they were super fans of the Jonas Brothers. It was funny and weird.

Which one is the hot Jonas brother?
Um, Nick. He’s the youngest.

If Nick was there, would you have tried to talk to him?
Nah, I probably wouldn’t have said anything. It’s not that serious–he’s no Chief Keef.

Finally, is there any truth behind the claim that you’ve slept with three guys from the Miley Cyrus video?
Oh my god! It was a joke! But everyone took it really seriously and all these people were calling me a slut and whatever. I know like all the people in that video ’cause they’re literally just like people who kick it around L.A. and do nothing, skateboard. I feel like she just went to like inside of the Supreme store and picked like five guys or something. I don’t know. But I love her.

If you had to cover a Miley Cyrus song, what would it be?
Definitely the one that just came out! It’s literally like all the lyrics that I would say anyway. It’s so funny that she’s singing how she’s “’bout that life.” I’m like, “Stop, Miley!” But I love her any way.

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