Find Out Where the City’s Best Oysters Come From in This Week’s Village Voice


“You could say New York is experiencing a major bout of oystermania,” writes Hannah Palmer Egan, and the evidence is everywhere.

On a recent Friday night, a crowd amasses outside Williamsburg oyster mecca Maison Premiere, smoking their way through a 90-minute wait for a table. Meanwhile on Manhattan’s West Side, diners pack the bar at Aquagrill, slurping down more than 30 bivalve varieties, and on 29th Street, the salivating hordes spill into the Ace Hotel lobby bar, waiting in boozy purgatory for a table at John Dory Oyster Bar. Just uptown, ad executives eat themselves into briny oblivion beneath the tiled arches at Grand Central Oyster Bar, where primetime dinner reservations are scarce at best.

But with such an uptick in demand, where do restaurateurs go to keep their ice beds full of mollusks? Find out in Egan’s story on the city’s oyster suppliers in this week’s Village Voice. Have a favorite place to slurp and shuck? Let us know in the comments.