Reader: No Need to Pick Sides in the Juliana’s vs. Grimaldi’s Debate


Last week, we took on a bite-by-bite comparison of rival DUMBO pizzerias Juliana’s and Grimaldi’s, ultimately crowning Juliana’s our favorite of the two. Each spot can stake its own claim on a place in Brooklyn pizza history: Patsy Grimaldi, who owns Juliana’s, brought coal-fired pizza to this borough; Frank Ciolli, who owns Grimaldi’s, catapulted that pie style to national recognition after he took over from Patsy in the ’90s. And because of that, each spot invokes strong opinions from long-time residents of Brooklyn and beyond.

Consider this from girafferd:

I live in Wallabout (right outside the Navy Yard) between Williamsburg and DUMBO and I think Il Porto on Washington Ave. is better than both Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s but if I had to choose I’d go with Grimaldi’s. However, the Grimaldi’s in Coney Island is horrid….they shouldn’t even have their name on that place.

And says deanna.l.ryan:

I live in DUMBO and much prefer Juliana’s to Grimaldi’s. I think Patsy was right to re-open his restaurant in this spot. It isn’t a position of opportunity for ‘overflow’. This neighborhood has other pizza establishments that also compete with the two. I personally prefer Juliana’s style of pizza as I prefer Neapolitan pizza and this is closest to it. My fiance’ likes Grimaldi’s but prefers the wine, ambiance and other menu items at Juliana’s. I believe the foot traffic sustains business for both establishments to co-exist. No need to pick sides.

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